Fourth Quarter Fatal Data Review Report

Wood County Safe Communities announced today that they held the mandatory Quarterly Fatal Data Review Committee meeting for the 4th quarter of 2023 on Thursday January 9, 2024 with 20 persons present.
The following crashes were reviewed:

  • 10/9/2023           SR 23 at SR 582
  • 12/9/2023           SR 20 at Lemoyne Rd
  • 12/13/2023         15800 Roachton Rd
  • 12/23/2023         Crossroads at Deimling
  • 12/29/2023         US 23 north of Sugar Ridge
  • 12/30/2023         SR 199 just north of Fostoria

 The following countermeasures were established as a result of the review:

  • Do not drive distracted
  • Do not speed
  • Always wear your seat belt
  • Do not turn the wheel of your car until you are ready to turn
  • Do not drive impaired
  • Always yield to oncoming traffic when turning left
  • Always drive within your lanes of travel

 An overview of the Serious Injury Crashes for the quarter revealed:

  • Most crashes happened in December
  • Most crashes happened from 10 pm to 6 am
  • 50% of the crashes were angle/left turn crashes
  • 30% of the at fault drivers were aged 15 – 25
  • Failure to Yield was the highest contributing factor this quarter

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