Aerial Photos

Aerial Photos are taken by airplanes with special cameras flying overhead. The time of year is critical to get the best quality photos. The photo below was taken in April, 2004. At this time of year there is no snow cover and vegetation is minimal. Other critical conditions include sun position, and lack of fog, haze, or cloud cover. The accuracy of the photo depends on the pixel resolution. This photo was provided by the Wood County Auditors office and taken at a pixel resolution of 6" , which is very good quality. The photos also utilize Orthophotography technology which geographically locates the photo correctly and allows you to accurately locate a position, and measure distances. These photos have been beneficial in creating maps, and in the planning processes for our campus. They are also being used in developing our Geographic Information System (GIS).

Aerial photo links:

Wood County Auditor -

Aerial photo of central campus


Updated: 06/06/2022 08:55AM