Generational Differences

  • FP-21-24
    Marital Experiences in the U.S., 1996 & 2018
  • FP-19-16
    Family Formation Experiences: Women’s Median Ages at First Marriage and First Birth, 1979 & 2016
  • FP-19-15
    Family Formation Experiences: Shares of Women Who Married and Had a Birth, 1979 & 2016
  • FP-19-12
    High School Seniors’ Ideal Time for Marriage, 2017
  • FP-19-11
    High School Seniors’ Expectations to Marry, 2017
  • FP-19-10
    High School Seniors’ Attitudes Toward Cohabitation as a Testing Ground for Marriage, 2017
  • FP-17-11
    Nonmarital Sex by Age 25: Generational Differences Between Baby Boomers and Millennials
  • FP-17-06
    Generational Differences During Young Adulthood: Baby Boomers vs Millennials
  • FP-16-12
    Attitudes towards Marital Infidelity
  • FP-15-13
    Generation X and Millennials: Attitudes About Having & Raising Children in Cohabiting Unions
  • FP-15-12
    Generation X and Millennials: Attitudes Toward Marriage & Divorce

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