Financial Information and Assistance- Graduate

3341-3-8 Financial Information and Assistance- Graduate

All University Units – Graduate Students

Responsible Unit
Office of the Provost

Policy Administrator
Graduate College 

(A) Policy Statement and Purpose 

This policy describes graduate student fees and expenses, methods of payment, assistantships, fellowships, and other aid, in addition to off-campus housing, supplemental employment, and federal student aid.

(B) Policy 

(1) Fees And Expenses

Please visit the Office of the Bursar’s website at for a current listing of all board-approved fees and amounts.

(2) Methods of Payment

For more information on Payment Plan Options, please visit:

(3) Late Payment Fees/Service Charges/Delinquent Accounts

Students experiencing financial difficulties should contact the Office of the Bursar promptly to arrange for payment of their outstanding balance and to avoid any further collection activity. Please visit: collection-processes.html for further information. 

(4) Refund of Fees 

For specific information regarding the process of refunding fees, please visit: 

(5) Assistantships and Scholarships

(a) Graduate Assistantships 

Graduate students with service assistantships (i.e., teaching, research, and housing) work a maximum of twenty hours per week (or the standard hours outlined in the contract) during the contracted period. 

(b) Programs may offer students funding for up to two academic years (24 consecutive months) at the Master’s level and up to four years (48 consecutive months) at the doctoral level. Programs may offer students funding for up to 3 academic years (36 consecutive months) if the student is enrolled in a dual master’s degree program or two concurrent master’s degree programs at BGSU. To retain an appointment, graduate assistants must be regularly enrolled degree-seeking students, must make satisfactory progress toward a degree, and must perform duties satisfactorily according to the terms of the appointment. Additional requirements are listed in the Graduate College Assistantship Policy on the Graduate College website. A student’s funding is terminated if he or she is suspended for ethical or legal misconduct as specified in the Student Code.  

(c) Tuition Scholarships

Tuition scholarships are awarded separate from any GA stipend position. Scholarship dollars can be used for tuition payment and may never be used as compensation for services. Scholarships can be used towards graduate credit hours that satisfy requirements for the degree. Tuition scholarships do not cover any student fees. 

For more information, see 

(d) Oral Proficiency for Graduate Assistants/Fellows Who Provide Classroom-related Services and Whose Native Language is Not English

According to BGSU policy and Ohio Revised Code Section 3345.281, all graduate assistants who serve in instructional capacities (teaching, tutoring, laboratory sections, etc.) who are not native speakers of English must demonstrate that they are orally proficient in the English language prior to working with students. Prospective graduate assistants who fulfill the above listed instructional responsibilities (here forward referred to as teaching assistants) can demonstrate this proficiency by either providing an appropriate TOEFL iBT score or by completing the ESOL Program’s Spoken English Test (SET).* It is the responsibility of each department to ensure that all non-native English speaking teaching assistants receive clearance before beginning their assistantship duties and that all teaching assistants who are required to take ITA classes do so in the appropriate semesters. Departments should refer to the procedures posted on the ESOL Program’s website. *Teaching Assistants/Associates who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents only need to demonstrate English proficiency if they do not have an undergraduate/graduate degree from a U.S. institution. For more information about Graduate Assistantships, visit: .html. 

(e) Graduate Hall Director 

Graduate Hall Directors may receive Graduate Assistantships as part of their compensation for their work. For job description, application process, and FAQs, please see: 

(f) Additional Employment

Because academic success is the primary goal of graduate study, graduate assistants are discouraged from working more than twenty hours per week, including the assistantship appointment, when classes are in session. Graduate assistants should confer with their graduate coordinators before accepting additional employment, whether on or off campus. Federal regulations strictly prohibit international students from working more than 20 hours per week. Additional campus employment may be sought through Student Employment Services website available at: html. Domestic students are not permitted to work more than 28 hours per week among all on-campus employment positions combined. Additionally, federal regulations strictly prohibit international students from working more than 20 hours per week.

(g) Federal Student Aid 

Regularly admitted students who are U.S. Citizens, U.S. Permanent Residents, as well as some eligible non-citizens can apply for federal student aid through Please see for more information. Students who are admitted in a Graduate Non-Degree status are typically not eligible for federal student aid because federal regulations require students be enrolled in an eligible academic program for the purpose of obtaining a degree or be enrolled in an approved certificate program. More information about federal aid eligibility requirements, as well as exceptions for some Graduate Non-Degree students can be found here: For further details regarding the financial aid process please visit

Registered Date: February 26, 2019