Online Training

Most EHS training topics have an online version available. All online trainings are now being converted to the Bridge platform. Some examples of training that is offered include: Fire Extinguisher training, Laboratory Safety and Health training, and many Occupational Health and Safety trainings.

To view the online topics offered, follow these steps:

1.      Click HERE and use BGSU credentials to log in (this step provides general access into the system if one wishes to gain access for other reasons/functions). You may also access Bridge directly from your MyBGSU page.

2.      Next, click on "Learning Library". This will display all public courses available in Bridge.

3.      To separate specific EHS training, you can select the proper tags by clicking on "Tags" on the right hand side of the page and selecting the proper tag (i.e. Bloodborne Pathogens, Fire Safety, Laboratory Safety, Occupational Health and Safety, etc.) You may also use the search bar to search for a specific training.    

4.     After you find a course you would like to complete, click "Learn More" and then select "Enroll".    

NOTES: If a topic you need or have an interest in is not listed, please contact EHS. It may be that the topic is offered in-class only or does not show as an option to the general public due to additional requirements such as hands-on training. Respiratory Protection and Hearing Conservation training are reserved for those who are enrolled into the program and will show as a requirement on their training home page. If either of these topics do not show as a requirement for you but feel they apply to your position at BGSU, contact EHS for an assessment.