Candle Policy

BGSU Risk Management and Environmental Health and Safety have established that candles are only to be used in the following spaces:

        Bowen-Thompson Student Union Ballroom & Multi-Purpose Room
        Olscamp Hall #101
        Stroh Center
        Prout Chapel
        Firelands' Cedar Point Center #1001

When Candles are used in these BGSU locations, compliance with the following is required:
  • Requestor is responsible for bringing the Candles onto the property, the safe use of the Candles while here, and the removal of the Candles from the property when the event ends.
  • Candles should be extinguished immediately upon the conclusion of your event.
  • Candles must be securely fixed in sturdy candle holders, or floating in water containers, and placed on a non-combustible surface free of any decorations.
  • Candles must be surrounded by hurricane lamp or by a similar non-combustible enclosure. The flame cannot be above or outside the enclosure.  Before lighting Candles, be aware of fire extinguishers close to where the Candles are being used so you know exactly where they are located if needed for an emergency.
  • Candles are to be of the wax type only, not to exceed 15” in length, and should not be more than 3” in circumference.
  • Do not allow children or members of your party to play or experiment with fire or Candles during your event. 

Prior, written approval is required for the use of candles in the above spaces. Please see the facility owner for your event to review and sign the Candle Use Request Form as part of your event planning.