AIMS Mission

The Purpose of the Academic Investment in Math and Science (AIMS) program is to support students pursuing majors in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM), and who proceed to get terminal degrees in their fields then ultimately perform cutting-edge research and/or teaching.

Components of the Plan:

  • 4-week Summer Accelerated Bridge Program
  • AIMS Seminar I and II with the primary purpose being to provide students with a better sense of belonging to BGSU and AIMS, making optimum use of academic resources, and realizing the pinnacle of success
  • Peer and faculty mentorship program
  • Regular, one-on-one meetings with the AIMS staff
  • Undergraduate research opportunities during the academic year and summer
  • Internships and co-ops
  • Participation in campus research seminars, poster sessions and presentations
  • Off-site visits to conferences where at which AIMS scholars may be presenters
  • Volunteerism and promotion of AIMS program
  • Academic counseling and tutoring
  • GRE and MCAT exam preparation
  • Exposure to ‘real world’, accomplished mathematicians and scientists
  • Assistance in securing admission to and financial assistance in graduate programs


  • Four-Year renewable scholarships
  • Exploration of career paths and self-assessment of interests
  • Free tuition, room and meals for the summer residential program
  • Early exposure to the college experience and courses
  • Broad science exposure via mini-courses and lab experiences
  • Opportunities to meet professionals in research, industry and education
  • Interaction with faculty mentors who are established and accomplished in their respective fields
  • Undergraduate research opportunities
  • Additional (non-AIMS) funds may be available for qualified students
  • STEM fields offer competitive salaries and rewarding careers

Updated: 04/24/2023 04:55PM