Accommodating Student Pregnancy

All University units

Responsible Unit:
Diversity and Belonging

Policy Administrator:
Office of Title IX

(A) Policy Statement and Purpose

Bowling Green State University prohibits discrimination on the basis of
sex, including pregnancy. The purpose of this policy is to provide
guidance on accommodating pregnant students.

(B) Policy Scope

This policy applies to all aspects of Bowling Green State University
programs including, but not limited to, admissions, educational programs
and activities, co-curricular activities, graduate assistantships, and student

Non-discrimination in employment and education is covered by Policy 3341-5-41 which is available at:

(C) Policy

1. Reasonable Accommodation
BGSU will take reasonable steps to provide pregnant students the
opportunity to continue their education with support from faculty
and staff. Reasonable academic accommodations will be made
available to the extent practicable without lowering academic
standards or requiring substantial program alteration. BGSU will work to make accommodations available in a timely manner once
notified of the need.

2. Procedure
If a student requires an academic accommodation in a course due
to pregnancy, the student should request accommodations from the
faculty member teaching the course. Other accommodations should
be sought from the student’s supervisor or other university official
responsible for the student’s program.

In situations such as clinical rotations, performances, labs, and
group work, the university will work with the student to devise an
alternative path to completion, if necessary and practicable.
Students are encouraged to work with their faculty members and
BGSU support systems, such as academic advisors, to devise a
plan for how to best minimize the academic impact of their
pregnancy and get back on track as efficiently as possible. The
Title IX Coordinator or designee will assist with the plan
development and implementation as needed.

If an agreement on accommodations cannot be reached between
the student and the faculty, supervisor, or other responsible
official, the matter shall be referred to the Title IX Coordinator.
The Title IX Coordinator or designee, in consultation with the
appropriate professionals and faculty, will determine what
accommodations are necessary and appropriate, and will inform
faculty and/or staff members of those accommodations.

3. Confidentiality
Information about pregnant students’ requests for and/or approval
of accommodations will be shared with faculty and staff only to
the extent necessary to provide the reasonable accommodation.
Faculty and staff will regard all information associated with such
requests as private and will not disclose this information unless

4. Recordkeeping
Administrative responsibility for all accommodations lies with the
Title IX Coordinator or designee, who will maintain all appropriate
documentation related to the request for Title IX accommodations.

5. Further Information
For a full understanding of reasonable accommodations for
pregnancy or childbirth, limitations to the policy, and necessary
information, please contact the Office of Title IX at 419-372-8476

Registered Date: March 13, 2020