International Students

Note: International students are NOT PERMITTED TO WORK OFF-CAMPUS without special permission from the United States Citizen and Immigration Service (USCIS). Contact International Programs & Partnerships for information about working off-campus. You must enroll as a full-time student (12 credit hours for undergraduate, 8 credit hours for graduate) for your first semester of attendance at BGSU.

Immigration law allows international students to work ON-CAMPUS up to 20 hours (maximum) per week when classes are in session. Any work or service you perform as part of an assistantship counts toward the 20 hours per week limit. For example, if your assistantship requires 10 hours of service, you may work an additional 10 hours per week at another job on campus.

You are permitted to work up to 28 hours per week ONLY during summer sessions and official break periods. See the chart below for details.

  Eligible to Work up to 28 hours/week?
From the Sunday after Spring semester Commencement in May through the Saturday before Fall semester classes begin in August  Yes
The week that includes Fall Break (during Fall semester) No
The week that includes Thanksgiving Break (during Fall semester) No
From the Sunday after Fall semester commencement in December through the Saturday before the first day of Spring Semester in January Yes
The week that includes Spring Break in March No
Any other week that includes a National Holiday No


You may apply for an on-campus job listed as "Regular Employment." Campus jobs are listed as Regular and Federal Work Study (FWS). FWS is a need-based financial aid program: only US citizens and permanent residents may apply for jobs listed as "FWS only."

Students with the following documentation Job Type Eligible? Job Type Eligible?
U.S. citizens, or permanent residents with I-551, I-551C or I-94 endorsements FWS Yes On-Campus Regular Yes
F1, J1, J2* Visas FWS No On-Campus Regular Yes

*Note: People with J2 Visas may work only if authorized by the Center for International Programs.

Jobs are posted on Handshake. Read the job listings, contact employers, and set up interviews.
Once you have been hired:

  1. Ask your new employer for a print-out of your E-Hire.  This serves as your hire form and  indicates where you will be working on campus and the number of hours you will be working per week;
  2. Bring the E-Hire print-out to International Programs & Partnerships and request a letter authorizing you to apply for a Social Security number;
  3. Take the letter and all other required documents listed on the letter to the Social Security Administration (SSA) office;
  4. Complete the application for a Social Security Number;
  5. Take the following items to Student Employment Services (225 Bowen-Thompson Student Union).
  •     your unexpired passport
  •     I-20 Form
  •     and a bank deposit slip from your checking account for direct               deposit
  •     your Form I-94 Admissions Number (which can be found on the         USCIS web portal)

In our office you will complete:

  • Federal and State tax withholding forms,
  • a Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) exemption or enrollment form,
  • a tax treaty form,
  • an electronic I-9 form, if you haven't done it prior to coming to SES,
  • and a direct deposit form to deposit your paychecks directly into your local or hometown bank account.

When you complete your paperwork, you will be given a pay schedule.

If you have questions about the interviewing, hiring, or general employment practices on campus, please contact either Student Employment Services or the International Student Services.

Note: Once you receive your Social Security card, please take the original to Student Employment Services, located in the Bowen-Thompson Student Union Room 226 to make sure that your Social Security Number is added to your payroll record.