Residence Hall Advertising Policy


1. Only University departments and registered student organizations in good standing are permitted to display posters or fliers in the residence halls.
2. Posters/fliers for residence halls must be approved by the Office of Residence Life, 470 Math Sciences Building. 
3. The Office of Residence Life has the right to refuse any advertising within residence halls that does not support the goals and objectives of the department, the Division of Student Affairs or the University community.
4. Failure to obtain permission or adhere to the guidelines stated in this policy forfeits the organization/department's right to display posters/fliers in the residence halls for the remainder of the year.

Posters/Fliers Requirements

To obtain approval by the Office of Residence Life for distribution and posting at designated locations in the residence halls, posters/fliers must contain the following:

  • Description of event/activity/service
  • Identification of the sponsoring organization or department
  • Whether there is any charge for the event
  • The date/time/location of the event
  • Reason for the event/activity/service
  • Contact person's name, phone number or e-mail address

A sample of the proposed poster/flier should be submitted to the Office of Residence life before posters are made in the event that changes must be made.  The poster should be no larger than 8.5"x11".

The Office of Residence Life staff will ask the representative of the organization/department to stamp the posters/fliers at the front desk. One poster/flier will be kept by the Office of the Residence Life for their records.

Posters/fliers approved by the Office of Residence Life must then be submitted to the main desk of each of the residence halls. Posters/fliers will be taken down after the event.

Quantities of Posters/Fliers

Flyers will be posted in common areas of the residence halls in designated areas only.  Only large, campus wide event postings and notices will be posted on individual residence hall floors.  Examples of these types of event flyers include Homecoming, Family Weekend, Dance Marathon, registration or financial aid information, etc.  Permission to post on every residence hall floor will be granted by the Senior Associate Director of Residence Life or designee.  

It is the organization/department's responsibility to count and separate the appropriate number of posters/fliers for each residence hall and/or RA. The posters/fliers should be grouped and labeled with the residence hall name.

Building                            # of RAs    # of Lobby Posters

  • Ashley/Batchelder                22                        2
  • Compon/Darrow                   22                        2
  • Centennial                              17                        2
  • Conklin North                          7                        2
  • Falcon Heights                       14                        2
  • Founders                                 15                       2
  • Kohl                                          9                       2
  • McDonald                               22                       2
  • Offenhauer                             18                       2
  • Sororities                                na                     na
  • Fraternities                             na                     na
  • University Apartments                                       4
  • TOTAL                                    146                   22

Any questions regarding this policy may be directed to the Office of Residence Life at (419) 372-2011 or