Hostile Intruder

For more information on responding to active shooter incidents, please attend A.L.i.C.E. training instructed by BGSU police officers.

    • Occupants should escape the building or area immediately through exits or windows if it is safe to do so upon learning a hostile situation is occurring in the building
    • When exiting the building, keep your hands up with open palms so responding officers can see that you do not have a weapon
    • Call 911 when you reach a safe location and describe what you saw or heard in detail
    • If it is not safe to escape, secure yourself in a room and do your best to lock or barricade entry ways – call 911 to report what you know about the situation if possible, and prepare yourself and others in the room to confront the intruder if they enter your room
    • Wait for further instructions from emergency responders
    • Do not try to overtake the shooter or hostile person unless they have entered your safe area
    • If the suspect enters your safe area, attempt to do the following:
      • Scream and throw objects at the suspect
      • Flee the area and run far away from the danger
      • Do not make yourself an easy target – avoid sitting still or ducking behind something that will not conceal you or protect you from attack
      • If you feel subduing the intruder is your best option, swarm the person using your body weight to take them to the ground and control them until police arrive
      • Do not handle the suspect’s weapon – keep it away from the suspect and secure it under something in the room like a trash can or box
      • Call 911 and notify the police

Updated: 12/02/2017 01:51AM