Announcing the Alumni Laureate Scholars and Honors College Partnership

It is a pleasure to announce the new partnership between BGSU’s Alumni Laureate Scholars program and the Honors College. Now in its 14th year, Alumni Laureate Scholars are among the most academically prepared and socially engaged students on campus. This partnership is a great fit and will allow students to continue to enjoy a distinctive educational opportunity.

It is a natural progression to expand the program’s scope by transitioning the administration of student logistics to the Honors College which will provide students even more resources and opportunities. Alumni Laureate Scholars will enjoy the rich alumni laureate scholarshipresources of the Honors College, including academic advising and early class registration, enrollment in the nation’s first and most comprehensive critical thinking curriculum including specialized honors sections, involvement in Great Ideas and Desserts programs, access to Honors Learning Community programming featuring local and regional travel opportunities, book discussions, community dinners, and faculty and alumni-led discussions, and an education aboard scholarship award offered as part of the Honors College.

The Alumni office will maintain a strong relationship with the Honors College to help coordinate alumni connections and increase awareness of the Alumni Laureate Scholars program and Honors College to BGSU’s more than 175,000 alumni. This partnership will also allow our Alumni Laureate Scholars supporters and board members to expand their student connections and mentoring opportunities to include Honors College students.

We are excited to see how the expanded program and staff resources of the Honors College will benefit our Alumni Laureate Scholars and how our strong alumni connections can enhance the Honors College. With this strong relationship, BGSU is changing lives for the world.