• FP-21-26
    Children’s Family Structure, 2021
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    Variation in Stepfamilies among Currently Cohabiting and Married Men and Women Under 50
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    Stepfamilies among Currently Cohabiting and Married Women Under 45, 1988 and 2017
  • FP-20-28
    Stepfamilies in First Marriages
  • FP-17-16
    American Children's Family Structure: Stepparent Families
  • FP-16-09
    Stepfamilies in the U.S.
  • FP-15-21
    Trends in Cohabitation: The Never Married and Previously Married, 1995-2014
  • FP-15-10
    Remarriage and Stepfamilies
  • FP-13-19
    Children's Family Structure, 2013
  • FP-11-07
    Children in Cohabiting Unions
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