BGSU High School Honor Band

We have continued to monitor the status of COVID-19 in our region, and after careful consideration for the health and safety of everyone involved, we will not be able to offer the BGSU High School Honor Bands in the fall semester of 2021. We will work closely with the BGSU administration and state and local public health agencies to determine future programming and we anticipate having more information to share near the end of 2021. For additional support or questions, feel free to contact Dr. Ken Thompson directly at



3-5:00 pm             Arrive and check in*

3-6:30 pm             AUDITIONS

4-6:30 pm             BGSU College Fair

6:30 pm                Meet in Kobacker Hall and depart for dinner

7:45 pm                Return from Dinner, BGSU Wind Symphony

8 pm                     BGSU Wind Symphony Concert

9 pm                     All Student Participant Meeting (commuters leave at conclusion)

9:15 pm                Resident Student Transport to Hotel

11 pm                   Lights Out


7:00 am                Breakfast at hotel for residents

7:30 am                Residents leave hotel

8:30 am                REHEARSALS BEGIN

1:00                      LUNCH

2:30                      Masterclasses/Sessions

3:30                      REHEARSALS

6:00                      DINNER

8:00                      SPECIAL CONCERT: BGSU Jazz Lab Band I

9:15                      Resident Student Transport to Hotel/Commuters Released

11:00                     Lights Out


7:00 am                  Breakfast at hotel for residents

7:30 am                  Residents leave hotel – check out and bring all belongings

                                  Wear concert attire

8:30 am                   REHEARSALS BEGIN

11:30                       Lunch

1:00                         Meet in Rehearsal Rooms for final concert preparation; Freshman Band on Stage

1:00                         FINAL CONCERT

                                    1:00  Freshman Band

                                    1:30  Brown Band

                                    2:00  White Band

                                    2:30  Orange Band

*if you are coming from a long distance and are unable to arrive prior to the end of check-in, please communicate with us directly so we can accommodate your schedule; it is important that we complete auditions by 6:30 p.m.

How do I get nominated for the BGSU High School Honor Band?

All nominations must come from your school director or a private teacher. Your teacher can contact us at to get the nomination forms.

How will I know if I’m selected?

All communication is done via the email provided for you on the nomination forms. If selected, you and your teacher will receive an email from us with registration and acceptance forms.

What if I’m having trouble returning my acceptance forms?

All forms must be returned electronically. Most smartphones will let you take a picture of the forms and email them as a PDF document. The ‘Notes’ app on an iPhone works well, but GeniusScan is a free app that many people use.

How do I pay to participate and do you offer scholarships?

Unfortunately we are unable to offer scholarships or financial assistance. All payments must be made electronically through our EMarket. The links for that will be in your acceptance materials.

What does it mean when it asks if I will be a resident or commuter?

Resident students are housed in the hotel (see more information below) and commuter students arrive and depart each day for all activities and do not stay in our hotel.

What is included in the price to participate?

Cost of all instruction
BGSU Honor Band Shirt
BGSU Wind Symphony Concert on Thursday night
BGSU Jazz Band Concert on Friday night
Master Class or other professional presentation on Friday
Final concert by all HSHB participants on Saturday afternoon
Dinner (all you can eat) on campus on Thursday
Breakfast at hotel on Friday
Morning snack of fruit and water on Friday morning
Lunch (all you can eat) on campus on Friday
Dinner (all you can eat) on campus on Friday
Breakfast at hotel on Saturday
Morning snack of fruit and water on Saturday morning
Lunch (all you can eat) on campus on Saturday

What if I will be a resident participant and staying in the hotel?

Students staying in the hotel are considered ‘resident students’, and for the student only the BGSU Band Office make quad-occupancy hotel arrangements. Chartered bus service to/from BGSU to the hotel is provided.

What if I have dietary restrictions? Do I need to bring my own meals?

Our full service dining facilities can manage any food restriction or dietary need. We will use the information you provide in your acceptance forms to coordinate any meal accommodations needed.

Can I bring my own food and snacks?

For the safety of all participants bringing food and snacks is discouraged. There is a special “snack store” available at the hotel for resident students. Food deliveries are strictly prohibited to the hotel and to the campus.

Do I need to bring money?

All meals and snacks are provided, so the only reason you might need some cash is if you plan to purchase things in the hotel. Please bring small bills if you plan to purchase from our “snack store” in the hotel.

What should I wear?

The final concert is performed in the BGSU shirt and denim (blue jeans) so you do not need a uniform or ‘dress clothes’. For the event, you should dress comfortably, but know that you will be walking short distances outside to meals, so dressing in layers with a coat is ideal. Most likely what you would normally wear to school is appropriate.

Do I need to audition?

The selection to participate is done through the nominations, but all accepted students take a brief, live audition when arriving on campus for the event. Detailed information about the audition is provided in the acceptance materials.

I still have questions! What should I do?

There is a chance we have not addressed something you need. Please reach out to us directly at so we may assist you.

The BGSU honor band and select educational programming are presented in partnership with Rettig Music.


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