Music Discovery Day

Music Discovery Day is an ongoing series of virtual events for Fall 2020.

Registration is open!


Live sessions require registration to view and participate.

Events this fall include:

  • General information about programs, scholarships, and admissions: LIVE webinars
    • SPECIAL BONUS:  attend a general information session to gain access to a BGSU studio event for your instrument!
  • Q&A with the Dean: LIVE webinar
  • Audition preparation: LIVE webinar
  • Facebook live tour of the facilities: LIKE our FB page!
  • Recorded video samples of classes and ensemble rehearsals

Tuesday October 13 @ 4:00 PM; Facebook Live Tour of the Moore Musical Arts Center
NO registration required!
The tour will be on BGSU’s official FB page

LIVE Webinars: After the 30-minute presentation, stick around for questions and conversation using the online chat feature of these programs.

Tuesday September 22 @ 5:00 PM; General information session
Tuesday October 6 @ 3:30 PM; General information session
Wednesday October 21 @ 7pm; Audition Preparation session
Thursday November 5 @7pm; Q&A with Dean Mathis  Click to view the recording of this presentation!        
Tuesday November 17 @ 3:30 PM; General information session
Wednesday November 18 @ 7pm; Audition Preparation

Aural Skills

In this video, you will see an excerpt of our freshmen aural skills class, taught by Professor Clint Fox. The purpose of this class is to develop the ear training and sight singing skills that are necessary for every musician.

Classroom Techniques

This video features Professor Sue Aring teaching Classroom Techniques. This class focuses on providing students with the skills to introduce music to young kids, particularly how to teach elementary music classes.

General Information

Watch Garret Klauss, a music admissions assistant, give a presentation on general information about our music programs and admissions. He talks about the building’s history and features, our ensembles, majors, minors, and ways to participate as a non-major or minor.

Jazz Band

Here you’ll see a rehearsal for Jazz Lab Band 1 directed by Professor David Bixler. This year’s ensemble is made of a condensed group focused on improvisation and interpretation within the jazz idioms. The group encompasses both graduate and undergraduate students, many of which are jazz studies majors.

BG Philharmonia

This is a video of a Philharmonia rehearsal conducted by Dr. Emily Freeman Brown. With the Pandemic this semester the ensemble is restricted to strings only, but typically the ensemble will include woodwinds, brass, and percussion as well.


This video features a Samba percussion ensemble rehearsal. It is led by Dr. Daniel Piccolo, our percussion faculty member. This ensemble is full of energy and culture and includes music majors as well as non-music majors who wanted to continue playing percussion in college.

Percussion Techniques

Percussion Techniques is a class for Music Education majors. Professor Nick Fox helps students learn how to feel comfortable playing percussion instruments and teaches them to explore the wide variety if instruments in the percussion family. Students also get the opportunity to play in a percussion ensemble during the class.


Conducting 1 Class, taught by Dr. Richard Schnipke, includes all music majors. This class provides many opportunities for one-on-one instruction as well as group work, helping students learn the fundamentals of conducting before they specialize in their fields. Students that move on to take Conducting 2 will then focus on their specific areas of band, choir, and orchestra.

Band Methods

Band Methods class is for all instrumental music education students that are specializing in band. Dr. Lisa Martin works with students to prepare for a career as a band director before they student teach at the end of the Music Education degree. This video shows the class working on the elements necessary to give a concert such as creating programs and selecting repertoire, as well as many other aspects that must be considered.


This video features the BGSU wind ensemble brass, wind sections directed by Dr. Moss, Dr. Thompson and Dr. King. During the 2020-2021 academic year, the band is comprised of students across all graduating years and split up by section to provide band education. Clips of rehearsals have been included – brass directed by Dr. Moss, winds directed by Dr. Thompson and a chamber ensemble directed by Dr. King.