Centenary Celebration

In commemoration of the Centennial Anniversary of BGSU Bands in 2023-24, we are excited to announce the establishment of the BGSU Bands Collection in the Jerome Library and BGSU Center for Archival Collections. The archive will include historical documents, media, scores, and other relevant historical materials. The archive is intended to serve as a destination point for alumni, historical artifacts, and research.

What will the BGSU Bands Collection contain?

There will be a web page designed to serve as the digital entry point for alumni and friends linking access to numerous items and collections of materials, including but not limited to:

  • Sound Archives of all BGSU Bands performances
  • Digital, streaming copies of Falcon Marching Band halftime shows – we now have access to almost every FMB show ever presented in Doyt Perry Stadium
  • Historical records of band area activities and student organizations, including those of service organizations, Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma and recruitment/professional activities such as the BGSU Directors Reading Clinic and Honor Bands

Establishment and maintenance of a collection and display for physical artifacts including:

  • FMB Uniforms through the years
  • Photographs, concert programs, FMB drill books and manuals, educational materials, print media

What special events will take place to celebrate the centenary?

Special Events Celebrating the BGSU Bands Centenary will include:

  • Commemorative Concert at BGSU with a special reception event in spring 2024
  • Newly Commissioned works for BGSU Bands to be performed during 2023-24
  • Special Off-Campus Performances and Concert Tour

How Can You Help Support the BGSU Bands Collection and the BGSU Bands Centenary activities?

In-Kind donations of historical artifacts (photo/video/print media/physical artifacts) can be donated with the following form

Tax-deductible contributions to BGSU Bands will help cover expenses including:

  • Support staff to document and catalogue items in the collection
  • Digitization of BGSU Bands/Falcon Marching Band video
  • Special Events and Concert Tours

Contributions to support this project can be made through University Band Development

For questions about the BGSU Bands Collection and the BGSU Bands Centenary, please contact:
Dr. Ken Thompson
BGSU Bands

Updated: 09/16/2022 10:45AM