"Magnetic North for new music lovers points to Bowling Green, Ohio."
                                                                                  —David Lang, 2012

The MidAmerican Center for Contemporary Music is an award-winning national center devoted to the study, performance, creative work and promotion of new music within the College of Musical Arts at Bowling Green State University. The mission of the center is to bring the local, state, national, and international musical communities together through research, performances, compositions and outreach programs.
At the the heart of the Center’s activities are the annual Bowling Green New Music Festival and the Music at the Forefront concert series. In addition, the Center administers a grant program in support of contemporary music projects and research at the College of Musical Arts, and organizes "New Music from Bowling Green" concerts featuring faculty and student performers at acclaimed venues around the country, and helps produce Living American Composers: New Music from Bowling Green, a radio series, in collaboration with WGTE-FM in Toledo.

Music at the Forefront

A showcase for exceptional performers of contemporary music

Monday February 24 2020 8pm
Bryan Recital Hall

Monday April 20 2020 8pm
Bryan Recital Hall