Student Event Information

The policies and procedures are for scheduling in the Moore Musical Arts Center.

General Information

PLEASE NOTE CAREFULLY—YOU are ultimately responsible for all aspects of your event. Nothing happens automatically. Be sure to plan ahead for your needs. See the Student Recital Checklist.


Scheduling Manager is located in room 0107. Fall Semester Recitals: The scheduling for degree recitals will begin on the first day of classes. Non-degree recital sign-ups begin the second week of classes. Spring Semester Recitals: The scheduling for degree recitals will begin in mid-November. Students presenting degree recitals will be given a two-week priority in scheduling. Those presenting non-degree recitals may schedule beginning in week three after scheduling begins for spring semester. Summer Recitals: The scheduling for any student recital, degree or non-degree, will begin in late-April.

According to college policy, events are not be scheduled during the last week of classes and exam week without permission from the Office of the Dean.

Students must have a signed Recital Permission Form to schedule their event. In the case of a joint recital, each student must have their own signed Recital Approval Form from their respective applied teacher (one name per form) and participants must come to the same scheduling appointment.

Dress rehearsals will be scheduled at the same time to ensure space availability.

No rescheduling of events will be permitted during the semester, but canceled events may be rescheduled for the following semester. Special circumstances will be considered by the Director of Public Events by submitting a written request. This request must be signed by the student’s studio teacher and area department chair before it is submitted to the Public Events Office director.

If for any reason a recital must be canceled, the student must sign an event cancellation form and return it to the Scheduling Manager. Email, voice mail and/or notes will not be accepted, nor will studio teacher’s notification.


Dress rehearsals may not exceed one-and-a-half hours and must be scheduled when you reserve your recital date. If additional rehearsal time during the week of your event is required, see the secretaries in the College Main Office, rm. 1031. Rehearsal must end within the period scheduled, including time to clear stage. Rehearsal stage set-up and break-down is the performer’s responsibility. Performance lighting is NOT available for rehearsals.


Please arrive for stage set-up one-half hour prior to performance starting time. Warm-up must end 15 minutes prior to performance.

Performers are responsible for stage changes during performance. Use of the harpsichord requires pre-approval from the studio teacher. The studio harpsichord should be moved into the hall at least one day in advance to allow environmental acclimation. Performers also are responsible for ushers, page turners, door openers, etc.

Undergraduate students are not permitted to hold receptions in the Green Room. Any post-concert reception following a student recital must take place in the lower level Student Lounge.

Graduate students wishing to hold a reception in the Green Room should inform the Technical Director to obtain a Green Room Usage Form. No receptions can be scheduled unless this form is completed. All setup and cleanup are the responsibility of the user. User will be charged for extra cleaning time at the University rate. Trash bags are provided. No leftover food and/or beverage is to remain in the refrigerator. Trash is to be taken to the dumpster at the loading dock (located off of entrance by the first-floor elevator).

Student Programs

Student recital programs are produced out of house. Students must adhere to CMA approved format and submit a proof copy for their applied instructor for approval. Faculty signature is required for production. Fast Company (525 Ridge St.) and Purple Frog Press have a CMA format template for program printing.

Students are required to furnish the Public Events Office with eight copies of their program for archival purposes.

Students must include current studio teacher on printed program. This line should appear above the word "PROGRAM".
From the studio of John Doe
See Student Program Guidelines for more information.


Recording Services is responsible for all official CMA recordings. Only Recording Services personnel may record or amplify sound in Kobacker Hall or Bryan Recital Hall. Any other company or person wishing to record or amplify sound in these halls must have written permission from the Director or Manager of Recording Services a week before the event. more information

Performance Lighting

If you have arranged with Recording Services to have the event recorded, the engineer will provide performance lighting. If you have not arranged with Recording Services to have the event recorded, performance lighting for events in Bryan Recital Hall is not available. Performance lighting is not available for recording sessions.

Piano Reservation

Performance pianos/harpsichords are tuned by student request only. It is the student's responsibility to reserve recital instruments to ensure the instruments are properly prepared. Instruments should be reserved a minimum of one week prior to the event. 

The Steinway Ds may be used for student degree recitals. It is the responsibility of the student—not the studio teacher and not the accompanist—to sign out a key for the piano. In most cases this should be done within a week of the recital, as the key will be necessary for the dress rehearsal as well. A piano key may be signed out from your applied instructor.  

Degree Statements for Programs

Do not list your individual instrument or specialization. Only the name of the degree as listed below appears in any degree statement.

Bachelor’s Statement: This recital is presented in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of


Certificate Program Statement: Presented to the Graduate College of Bowling Green State University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the


Master’s Statement: Presented to the Graduate College of Bowling Green State University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of


Doctoral Statement: Presented to the Graduate College of Bowling Green State University in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of


Student Recital Checklist

  • Get CMA Recital Approval Form from studio teacher.
  • Discuss rehearsal and recital times with studio teacher and accompanist. (Rescheduling in the same semester is not permitted.)
  • Take signed and completed form to Scheduling Manager, room 0107. Scheduling hours are Monday through Friday 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • Select date and time for recital and dress rehearsal. Dress rehearsal is not to exceed one and a half hours.
  • Inform studio teacher and accompanist of recital date and time.
  • Turn in a Recording Form to Recording Services, room 0114, if you want your recital recorded and performance lighting. This form must be completed and submitted two weeks prior to event.
  • Complete an online piano reservation form.
  • Schedule jury.
  • Deliver approved Jury Form to Chair of Music Performance Studies, room 1045.
  • Prepare recital program. Student can use any print shop they choose. Format and content must be approved by studio teacher. Proof of program must be signed by studio teacher.
  • Deliver eight copies of program to Publicity/Publications Manager, room 1035, for archival purposes.
  • One copy of your program, signed by your applied teacher, must be turned in to your department secretary for graduation requirements.
  • A piano key can be signed out from your applied instructor.
  • Do dress rehearsal.
  • Do performance.