The College of Musical Arts offers several scholarships for incoming freshman that aid in helping you succeed. To be considered for music scholarships, students must audition on or before the scholarship deadline. Please see the Audition Information page for details. 

Please note that it is possible to receive and accept both music AND academic scholarships at BGSU. To be considered for an academic scholarship an application for the university must be completed by February 15.


The Hansen Music Fellowship

The Hansen Fellowship Program provides funding to selected undergraduate students for musical experiences vital to students’ long-term advancement. Hansen Fellows are given extraordinary opportunities for professional development that are more typical for master's and doctoral study. Visit this page to view eligibility information and to access the application.


Bravo Music Awards

These talent awards are tuition fee waivers given in varying amounts and applied towards tuition. Your audition to the College of Musical Arts serves as the application. Visit this page to learn more about the award process and criteria to renew each year.


Additional Scholarships

The College of Musical Arts offers many additional scholarships outside of the Hansen Fellowship and Bravo Music Awards. Visit this page to see a full listing and to access the short application. 

For scholarship questions, call (419) 372-8577, or email

Updated: 11/29/2023 10:11AM