Financial Facts

Tuition, Room and Board for the 2015-2016 Academic Year

Ohio Resident Total $18,850


  • Tuition and Fees* $10,606
  • Standard Room (includes Technology fee) $5,160
  • Bronze Meal Plan $3,084

Nonresident Total $26,158


  • Nonresident Fee  $7,308
  • Tuition and Fees*  $10,606
  • Standard Room (includes Technology & Laundry fees)  $5,160
  • Bronze Meal Plan $3,084

*Fees are subject to change with Board of Trustees approval.

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Music Fees

  • Applied Lesson Fee (per semester)
    •  One-hour Lessons Weekly (per semester) $300
    •  Half-hour Lessons Weekly (per semester)  $150
  • Music Usage Fee (per semester)  $75

Financial Aid

In completing the University Application for Admission, each student is automatically considered for 
Academic Scholarships. (Visit for details and deadlines.)

In completing the music audition, each student is automatically considered for a Music Talent Award.
Music scholarships are awarded to incoming students to recognize musical achievement and potential. In addition to the audition, other criteria may be used in determining recipients of music scholarships such as GPA, test scores and music theory placement results. Music Talent Awards are fee waivers in varying amounts to be applied toward tuition and/or on-campus housing and meals. Approximately 40 percent of the students approved in the College of Musical Arts will receive a Music Talent Award. Awards to incoming freshmen are renewable for four years. Awards to transfer students majoring in music are renewable up to a total of four academic years, counting full-time study at both the previous institution(s) and BGSU.

Financial aid based on Family Need requires an additional application.
The application is available from Bowling Green’s Financial Aid Office, 
at or from your high school guidance counselor. 
(Visit for more information.)