College of Musical Arts imageThe home of the College of Musical Arts is one of the premier music facilities in the country. Always a hub of activity, the modern Moore Musical Arts Center was built with only music in mind and designed with an eye to the future. One entire floor is dedicated to student practice rooms, and faculty studios are conveniently located near classroom and practice facilities.

The center features two major performance halls—the 822-seat Kobacker Hall and the 231-seat Bryan Recital Hall. In addition, there are choral and instrumental rehearsal rooms, over 70 practice rooms, two electronic keyboard laboratories, a curriculum laboratoryan organ studio and computer laboratories and technology studio with the latest in multimedia software.

For most music majors, the Moore Musical Arts Center becomes a second home, and students find it an ideal place for them to get to know one another. The building is also located close to many other campus facilities, including residence halls, the Jerome Library, Student Recreation Center and the Music Community, a residence hall area reserved for CMA students and others with a passion for music.

Updated: 08/01/2023 03:18PM