CMA Diversity and Belonging

The College of Musical Arts values diversity as essential to improving the human condition. Music and the Arts naturally bring people together, create community, and enrich our engagement, understanding, and respect for individuals. The College of Musical Arts is committed to promoting diversity and creating an environment that is welcoming where everyone belongs and can make a valuable contribution. There is no place for racism, hatred, misogyny, hazing or other forms of discrimination in the College of Musical Arts. 

Our words must turn into actions through our curriculum, programming, community engagement, and interactions with each other. We have made much progress and we have much more to accomplish. Listed here will be many of our past, present, and future activities and initiatives. Please check back often for updates and join us in making the College of Musical Arts a welcoming place for everyone.

CMA Diversity and Belonging Committee

Sidra Lawrence, co-chair
Kathy Meizel, co-chair
Cole Burger
Ryan Ebright
Ariel Kasler
Myra Merritt
Rich Schnipke
Arne Spohr


Author Credit

Information found in What Can I Do? and Resources was compiled by student Hayden Mesnick (Bachelor of Music in Music Composition '24) through the Center for Undergraduate Research and Scholarship (CURS) with help from Dr. Marilyn Shrude, Dean Bill Mathis, and Dr. Cordula Mora. 

Updated: 02/23/2022 03:49PM