Toledo Symphony Orchestra Readings


The annual Toledo Symphony Orchestra Readings at Bowling Green State University are a unique opportunity for students to hear their work read by a professional orchestra. Readings with professional orchestras are rare in an academic setting while those outside of educational institutions receive hundreds of applicants, making them inaccessible to most. As a result of the composition faculty's emphasis on professional experience along with the support the college and community, BGSU student composers have the good fortune of gaining a richer understanding of the orchestral medium. 

Another important aspect to this program is the addition of a guest composer. Each year, an established orchestral composer is invited to attend the readings with the student composers. In the subsequent masterclass, the guest composer digs deeper into the students' work and offers guidance for the future. 

Selected Student Composers

Ashlin Hunter (2017) - Listen!
Adam Kennaugh (2017) - Listen!
Graeme Materne (2017) - Listen!
Kory Reeder (2017) - Listen! 
Chuanhao Zhang (2017)
Mavis MacNeil (2016) - Listen!
Adam D. O'Dell (2016) - Listen!
Patrick Reed (2016)
Steven Sloan (2016)
J. Andrew Smith (2016) - Listen!
Cole Wilson (2016)
Emily Custer (2015) - Listen!
Richie Arndorfer (2015) - Listen!
Jake Sandridge (2015) 
Matthew Ramage (2015)
Andrew Binder (2015)
Brian Sears (2014) - Listen!
Alan Racadag (2014)
Kyle Laporte (2014)
Lydia Dempsey (2014) - Listen!
Chris Lortie (2014) - Listen!
Hong-Da Chin (2013) - Listen!
Hannah Skowronek (2013) - Listen!
Michael Kasinger (2013)
Magda Kress (2013)
Ao Xiang (2013)
Corey Keating (2012)
Zachary Seely (2012)
Evan Williams (2012) - Listen!
Mark Witmer (2012)


Guest Composers

2017 - Andrew Norman

2017 - Andrew Norman


2016- Augusta Read Thomas

Sam Adler.jpg

2015- Samuel Adler


2014 - Steven Stucky


2013 - Cindy McTee

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