Graduation Application and Minimum Registration- Graduate

3341-3-12 Graduation Application and Minimum Registration- Graduate

All University Units- Graduate Students

Responsible Unit:
Office of the Provost

Policy Administrator:
Graduate College

(A) Policy Statement and Purpose

This policy describes criteria for graduation application including minimum registration policy. 

(B) Policy 

(1) Graduation Application and Minimum Registration

To become a candidate for a graduate degree—certificate, master’s, specialist, or doctoral—the student must submit an application online by the deadline established by the Graduate College. Degree candidate deadlines are posted on the Graduate College website at These are firm deadlines and cannot be extended. Please read the instructions and complete the application carefully. Once you submit your application on-line, you will get a confirmation screen. You are strongly advised to print the confirmation screen for your records. Should any technical issues occur, this is proof of your application. It is the student’s responsibility to reapply for the next graduation if they do not meet the graduation requirements. 

(2) Graduation- Minimum Registration Requirements 

Graduate College policy requires that all graduate students be registered for at least one semester hour during the semester in which they graduate. Note: the student does not need to be registered at BGSU if they are completing revalidation or if they are attending another institution where they are taking a course listed on their TDP/DARS that will be transferred back to BGSU. As an exception, immediately following a semester of enrollment, students who have completed all degree requirements prior to five o’clock p.m. on the first day of classes in the semester they officially graduate, do not have to register for one hour of credit if they can satisfy all of the following conditions:  

(a) Have enrolled in all required course work; and  

(b) Have submitted an error-free copy of their dissertation or thesis to the Graduate College, via OhioLINK (hard copy for MFA-Creative Writing students), for doctoral or Plan I (thesis) master’s students, or have completed comprehensive exam, presentation, final project, recital, portfolio, etc. if Plan II (non-thesis) master’s students; and will have removed all incompletes prior to the first day of classes in the semester they graduate. 

Registered Date: March 24, 2015
Amended Date: June 18, 2018, October 23, 2018