BGSU Partners

The Center of Excellence in Sustainability and the Environment is a collaborative effort between the Colleges of Arts & Science, Technology, and Education and Human Development, bringing in a broad array of departments and programs:

Inside Partners

• Center for Photochemical Sciences
• Department of Chemistry
• Department of Biological Sciences
• Department of Geology
• Department of the Environment & Sustainability
• School of Earth, Environment and Society
• Electric Vehicle Institute
• Department of Architecture and Environmental Design
• Department of Physics & Astronomy
• Department of Technology Systems
• Department of Geography
• Center for Environmental Programs
• Forum for Campus Sustainability
• Office of Technology Transfer and Services

Outside Partners

The Center has collaborated with a number of government agencies, private companies and universities including the National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, US Air Force, US Geological Survey, Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Petroleum Research Fund, Boeing, University of Toledo, Wright State University and more.