Centers of Excellence

“Ohio’s 10-year Strategic Plan for Higher Education, issuing a bold challenge to strive for greatness, called on each state university to establish Centers of Excellence – defining those areas of study and research it excels in, then committing to concentrating and building on those strengths to gain world-class recognition in the field. Ohio Centers of Excellence are important economic drivers for Ohio, generating public and private investment, attracting top-flight intellectual talent, and creating an energized, entrepreneurial environment that retains top graduates.” (Ohio Board of Regents)

Bowling Green State University has identified interdisciplinary areas of strength in graduate education and research as Centers of Excellence:

The Arts

The first to be named among Bowling Green State University’s Centers of Excellence, the arts have long been a part of the University’s identity and central to community outreach and engagement. Goals for the Center include increased contribution by the Arts to the regional economy as well as partnerships with regional organizations to create more opportunities and innovations.

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Sustainability and the Environment

The Center builds on existing strengths in the sciences and technology and charts a course for future synergies that address critical needs of the state and nation. It couples basic and applied research in the areas related to environmental sustainability with economic and technological development. 

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Updated: 02/11/2019 10:23AM