Women in Business Leadership

Purpose: Ten years in the making, Women in Business Leadership (WBL) provides students a forum for educating, engaging, connecting, and promoting women to be successful in a personal and professional setting. We do this through bi-weekly meetings with intriguing speakers, a yearly leadership conference, a growing mentorship program, partnerships with other organizations, company tours, and social events. Our overall mission is to bridge the gap in the business field between understanding and empowerment for females. By tackling these topics now, individuals will enter the workplace with a progressive mindset, ready to bring equality and empowerment to the business floor*.

** Our organization is open to and encourages men as well as women to join the organization to be able to give different perspectives on topics and experiences. Being understanding of all walks of life builds not only character, but emotional intelligence that can be translated into any field of work.

Membership: Membership is open to all graduate and undergraduate students at BGSU as well as University alumni and faculty.

Contact Persons:

Faculty Advisor
Katrina Heilmeier


Emily de la Vega

Membership Contact:
Syndey Johns

Professional Contact:
Paige Rothlisberger

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Updated: 01/17/2024 11:49AM