Economics Club


Econ Club is for any and all students who are interested in economics. We strive to be a group for individuals who want to learn more about the field of economics, as well as a space for students to share their passions with regards to economics. Some weeks our meeting format will be more casual, with just good conversation and light refreshments. Other weeks, we hope to have workshops centered around career opportunities, graduate programs, important papers in the field, and public policy. Hopefully, our members will leave meetings with a smile on their faces and maybe a bit of new knowledge. So please, stop by a meeting, you may enjoy it


Undergraduate or graduate students at Bowling Green State University, enrolled on a full or part time basis.


Bi-weekly Wednesdays @ 7:30-9:00PM

Faculty Advisor
Walt Ryley
David Timm

Updated: 07/10/2023 11:26AM