Dean’s Advisory Council on Diversity and Inclusion (DACODI)

DACODI 2021 2022


The Dean’s Advisory Council onDiversity & Inclusion seeks to promote and foster a culture that embraces the diverse backgrounds of all students in the College of Business at Bowling Green State University through academic initiatives and hands-on experiences.

We aim to accomplish this by:

  • Hosting cultural events
  • Having fundraising events where the proceeds are donated to an important cause
  • Administrating an annual climate survey
  • Submitting an annual plan that provides recommendations for increasing diversity and inclusion within Schmidthorst
  • Helping student organizations increase diversity and inclusion within their organizations
  • Researching best practices in universities and corporations

Every other Thursday @ 10:45AM-11:30AM

Faculty Advisor
Zubair Mohamed
Council Organizer
Brianna Collins
Best Practices Chair
Anthony Castrigano
Communications Chair
Gurtej Singh Puri
Events and Celebrations Chair
Hunter Moore
Liasons Chair
Jim Nguyen

Updated: 11/09/2022 08:19AM