Academy of Professional Selling

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The Academy of Professional Selling  (APS) strives to improve our knowledge and skill set in the areas of sales and problem solving.

We accomplish this via real-world experience and prepare members for collegiate sales competitions by engaging in group exercises and role plays.  Through different value added activities including weekly meetings we review steps of the sales process and participate in activities built to reinforce important and relevant sales topics. Within APS, it is stressed that members gain as much as they put into the organization and the related activities. Employer interactions through the connection of networking, mentoring relationships and valuable internships are also a goal.


Membership is open to all BGSU students


Wednesdays, 6:30-7:30 PM, 115 MRCR

Faculty Advisor
Mearl Sutton

Faculty Advisor
David Dewey

Carson Levandowski

Dominic Costello

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