RallyCap Sports Kicks Off to an Exciting Start at BGSU


A community rallied together for the kickoff of a non-profit at BGSU that helps people with disabilities participate in sports and foster an environment of “together we rally.”  RallyCap Sports is a non-profit founded in New Jersey by BGSU alum Paul Hooker ’75.  He wanted to expand the non-profit outside of his state and partner with other universities.  He contacted College of Business Dean Ray Braun who connected Hooker to current College of Business student Luke Sims, a senior specializing in marketing and entrepreneurship to collaborate in launching this recreational sports program on campus.

More than 30 participants and 80 volunteers from campus and the surrounding community rallied together with an enthusiastic spirit at the Perry Field House on October 19 playing soccer, flag football, and golf.

RallyCap Sports is a recreational sports program that provides people with disabilities an opportunity to play sports, such as soccer, basketball, golf, and flag football. Each participant is paired up with a volunteer “buddy” for one-on-one interaction that fosters an environment for positive reinforcement and inclusion.

Emilie Mullins is a parent of one of the participants attending the BGSU kickoff event. “I am so excited by this program. There are not a lot of opportunities for children with special needs to play sports in this area.”

Mariana Mitova is the BGSU faculty advisor to RallyCap Sports and has a son, Alex, who is legally blind.  She is also very excited for the launch. “This is the most energizing project I have been involved with in a long time. Working with business student, Luke Sims, has been very meaningful and motivating.”

Sims was also very pleased with the kickoff event. “We had a blast! Participants were matched up with a ‘buddy’ who became their friend and they had a chance to score a goal or perform a touchdown dance. How cool is that? Participants, volunteers and parents alike seemed to be having a great time. That’s all we wanted, a fun day of sports!”

Following the kickoff of this highly successful program, people with special needs in the community can register for a four-week soccer session. Participants will get to play soccer, meet the University’s soccer team, and play under the lights at Mickey Cochrane Soccer Stadium.

Learn more about this valuable organization at rallycapsports.org.

Updated: 12/01/2017 11:00PM