MIS Student Describes Internship He Obtained His Freshman Year

The BGSU College of Business undergraduate curriculum is focused on interactive teaching and emphasizes extracurricular activities that add value to a student’s business education.  Internships are encouraged so students are able to obtain real-world experience and apply knowledge from their academic courses to the workplace.  Having an internship also improves a student’s chances of getting hired even before they graduate.

What makes BGSU’s College of Business unique is that we encourage students to attend the job fair as early as their freshman year.  Here is a narrative from business student Amir Huggins who attended the job fair and obtained an internship the summer after his freshman year.

Amir D. Huggins
Class of 2017
Specialization:  Management Information Systems

The process of interning for Detroit’s Title Source (TSI), a family company of Quicken Loans (QL), was a rare one for a first-year student like myself. With only a 6.4% hiring rate, everything from past experiences on my resume, to the Dean’s College of Business Workshops, and mock job interviews with the Associate Director of the CBA Career Accelerator Office, Thomas Siebenaler, helped set me apart to get hired as a summer intern. My title was a sales and escrow intern, and I worked on a team who handled two main clients Nationstar Bank and Quicken Loans.

I was given formal training on what it is and how it is that we do business with these two lenders, however, I was given special projects to work on throughout the summer.

Projects ranged from creating, updating, and filing team rosters through Excel and ATLAS to organizing and executing team meetings.

Through my hard work, I was invited to participate in an exclusive intern discussion panel where we discussed how to improve one of the intern only training events entitled “Full Throttle”. At the conclusion of the meeting, we were offered the opportunity to shadow the Pit Crew who were the event planning team for all of QL and the Family of Companies. After accepting the opportunity immediately, I was placed as a tour caboose for all new hires and eventually became a Certified Tour Caboose (CTC) where I was on tours with various Fortune 500 companies wanting a closer look at what was going on in our Detroit offices. As a tour caboose it was my duty to have all of my groups, tourists, and new hires accounted for at all times, and to aid the Certified Tour Guide with sharing information about our facilities and Detroit.

My team leader nominated me to head an intern project where we would make phone calls to various banks and update our system on their process of how to order a payoff. I later was chosen by the team leaders to be the head intern on the Payoff Matrix Project.

Overall, there was a heavy time commitment to getting all of the tasks accomplished, but I managed my time and completed all of my responsibilities. It was a great experience and I loved working for Quicken Loans and the Family of Companies. If you see me around campus, feel free to stop me and introduce yourself as well as ask me any questions you might have about Quicken Loans, Title Source, Detroit, or internships in general.  I would love to share some of my stories and insight.

Updated: 12/01/2017 11:00PM