Supply Chain Professor Named Distinguished Scholar

The BGSU supply chain program has a national reputation for excellence and one of the faculty members, Dr. Janet Hartley, continues to be recognized for her achievements.  Dr. Hartley, Professor and Director of the Supply Chain Management Institute, has been honored as a 2014 Academy of Management Operations Management Division Distinguished Scholar.  The award was announced at the 2014 Academy of Management annual meeting in Philadelphia.  This award is intended to honor distinguished leaders in the field of operations management in recognition of excellence and commitment to service dedication that impacts the discipline.

In addition to this honor, Dr. Hartley was previously designated a Midwest Decision Sciences Institute Fellow and was also recognized by the Journal of Supply Chain Management and Journal of Operations Management as the 2010 Best Associate Editor.  

Within the College of Business, Dr. Hartley recently was presented one of the inaugural faculty excellence awards given by the College of Business Leadership Council.  She was presented the award for “Engagement with Industry to Foster Experiential Learning.”

Dr. Hartley discusses the importance of working with professionals outside the University. “Collaboration with supply chain professionals is critical to the success of the supply chain program at BGSU.  Practical experience through internships and co-ops is essential.  We work closely with companies who are developing internships and then work with students to help them understand the importance of internships.  Collaboration also helps us [faculty] to keep the curriculum current and relevant.”

The supply chain professor continues to conduct valuable research projects, most recently with a team of scholars from the U.S. and Europe.  She and her team study collaboration with suppliers, especially in the area of improving environmental sustainability.  Dr. Hartley completed a CAPS research project on the topic of environmental sustainability in the supply chain.  Another project investigates approaches supply managers use for forecasting and for sourcing in the face of price volatility. 

As a teacher, Dr. Hartley finds “every day in the classroom to be rewarding in its own way.”  She is excited to see her students gain experience and knowledge over the course of their college careers and graduate with great jobs.

Updated: 07/10/2020 04:09PM