Online Academic Planning Tool Helps Business Students Graduate on Time

Graduating from college on time saves students tuition money and helps them begin earning a full-time salary as early as possible. BGSU’s College of Business sees the importance of on-time graduation and has created a software tool to help its business students work towards achieving this. Starting this fall, students will receive more than the usual assistance in mapping out their degree program with a new planning tool called the Digital Degree Plan.

Director of Undergraduate Student Development, Dr. Tim Chambers, states, “The planner allows students to map out a customized degree program based upon their specialization.  The program assists students in taking courses in their proper sequence and helps them better plan for internships and education abroad experiences.” Their degree program strategy is also available to them online 24-7.

Chambers adds that this software planner also benefits the College in forecasting classroom resources.  “The College can plan future course schedules based upon projected student demand.  This will help assure that courses are available when students need them.”

The Digital Degree Plan was developed by the College’s systems programmer, Jayson Julien, and is accessed by business students through a link called College Portal, on the College’s homepage.

During the 2014-15 academic year students will need to have completed their Digital Degree Plan before meeting with their advisors to discuss scheduling classes for the next semester. This online tool is another way the College of Business is putting students on a track to a successful college career.

Updated: 12/01/2017 11:00PM