Summer Research Grants Announced for College of Business

The College of Business sees how critical it is for faculty to conduct scholarly research, so each year the College financially supports projects through Summer Research Awards.  Members of the College’s Faculty Achievement Committee and Dean Ray Braun are pleased to announce the following award winners for the summer of 2014 and their research project titles:

Dr. Sung Bae, Finance:

“Corporate Social Responsibility, Credit Rating, and Private Debt Contracting: New Evidence from Syndicated Loan Market”

Dr. Kenju Kamei, Economics:

“Experimental Studies on Democratic Decision-Making and Reputation”

Dr. Mingsheng Li, Finance: 

“New Kids on the Block: IPOs and the Local Incumbent Firms”

Dr. Jeff Meyer, Marketing:

“Drivers of Behavior Discrepancy on Traditional Touchscreen Interfaces”

Dr. Sherry Sullivan, Management:

“An Empirical Examination of a Formal mentoring Program”

Dr. Zheng Zeng, Economics:

“Credit-less Recoveries: a Multivariate Threshold analysis with Economic and Credit Regimes”

Congratulations to these outstanding faculty members who are positively impacting their fields of study!

Updated: 12/01/2017 11:00PM