CBA Points Program a Success in Fall; Expands for Spring

The CBA Rewards Point Program incentivizes students to attend College of Business events or qualified College activities. Those events include actions such as attending CBA, department and/or CBA student organization activities. This program is meant to assist students to engage in more extra-curricular activities. All College of Business undergraduate and graduate students are eligible, and there is no enrollment needed.

So far, the CBA Reward Points has successfully assisted students in participating in extra-curricular activities. In Fall 2013, a total of 83% of all students participated and 90% of the freshman class participated in CBA Rewards Points. This semester there are more events to attend and new CBA gear to choose from! Also, we will promote a leaderboard… the top 10 students by point totals.

To participate in this program students attend an event on the list and swipe their BGSU ID. Students receive a confirmation email for the attendance and the points automatically accumulate. Rewards that students may earn are College of Business apparel and gear.

For more information about the program, a list of the events, and prize levels, please click here.

Updated: 12/01/2017 11:00PM