Business Students Getting “FIT” Before Interviewing with Job Recruiters

Being “FIT” takes on another meaning in the College of Business besides being physically fit. It is about being professionally prepared to interview with employers.  Based on employer feedback, the Business Career Accelerator has created a new online initiative which is designed to prepare students for the highest level of professionalism when engaging and interviewing with employers. “FIT” stands for Finest Individual Talent and incoming freshmen, starting in the fall, will be required to become certified prior to any interviews for employment.

According to the associate director of the Business Career Accelerator, Tom Siebenaler, “The Business Career Accelerator is one of the few career service offices in the country to mandate a professional development initiative such as this.  We want to be sure our students are the best prepared in their field and initiatives such as this will ensure their success.”

He adds, “Employers will increase their recruiting here at BGSU if they know our students have been better prepared.  We know this, because we worked with our employer-partners to develop this program.”

The certification program is administered via Canvas (the University’s Learning Management System) and verified by Career Accelerator staff.

The FIT Certification Advantage -

  • It provides validation to employers that our students are professionally ready to interview and enter the workplace.
  • Students earning FIT Certification are among the top talent in the College of Business and are requested by employers.
  • Freshmen cannot participate in on-campus interviews without receiving this credential, adding employer confidence.
  • It provides students an additional credential they can add to their resume.

Criteria to earn the FIT Certificate include an approved resume on WorkNet (the University’s online job and internship database), an approved letter of introduction or cover letter, and successful completion of all the online modules and quizzes.

Although this is a new requirement for freshmen in the College of Business, it is optional for sophomores, juniors and seniors.

Employers, such as Irene Shulman, campus recruiter for Ernst & Young LLP, are excited about this new certification program.  “I do think it is a vital tool that can be used by all students to help them succeed in the recruiting process. It would also help me when looking at candidate resumes to see who is serious about the interview process and has worked to receive more help and guidance.”

Updated: 12/01/2017 11:00PM