Sherry Sullivan Selected as One of Best Reviewers for Management Journal


Management Professor, Dr. Sherry Sullivan, has again been honored for her scholarly contributions by the Journal of Management History.  She has been chosen as an Outstanding Reviewer for Journal of Management History in the Emerald Literati Network 2014 Awards for Excellence. Only two reviewers were chosen in 2014 for this honor.

Last fall, Dr. Sullivan received her 29th “Best Reviewer” award from the Journal of Management History and her article "Using the Kaleidoscope Career Model to Examine Generational Differences in Work Attitudes" was the third most cited article for Career Development International on its top ten list.

The management professor has received many national and international awards for excellence in the management field, including Distinguished Educator from the Southwest Academy of Management and the Outstanding Educator from the U.S. Association for Small Business & Entrepreneurship. She is the co-author of the popular book, “The Opt-Out Revolt: Why People are Leaving Companies to Create Kaleidoscope Careers.”

Updated: 12/01/2017 11:00PM