College’s Education Abroad Program Expands Due to Student Interest

BGSU’s College of Business is preparing students to be global-ready through its expanding education abroad programs. Employers are looking for students with knowledge of foreign cultures and business operations in other countries. Our business students have seen the advantages an education abroad experience provides and are signing up in increasing numbers. According to the College of Business education abroad coordinator, Dr. Tim Chambers, the College is at full student capacity for the fall 2014 semester and is working to expand current agreements and open up new opportunities with universities in Europe and Asia.

Dr. Chambers stated that Audencia’s School of Management in Nantes, France, is so pleased with the College’s education abroad program, that officials there have expanded the program from a summer offering to fall and spring sessions beginning in fall 2014.  In addition, the College has just completed an exchange agreement with Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.  Three of their students will be attending BGSU in the 2014-2015 academic year, and Dr. Chambers expects to start sending BGSU business students to Spain by the spring of 2015.

Other current education abroad opportunities for BGSU business students include Hong Kong Baptist University, University of Macau (located an hour from Hong Kong), and the University of Strasbourg in France.

Business students who have enrolled in an overseas program for this fall are meeting on March 26 and will be networking with business students who have already returned from an education abroad experience to assist them in their final preparations.

Returning from the University of Strasbourg is Michael McClain and from Hong Kong Baptist University Antonette Iverson. Both of these students praised their education abroad experience.

Michael stated, “Studying abroad in Strasbourg was one of the most impactful growing experiences I have ever had. Studying abroad has many benefits, such as an unforgettable life experience, a very important personal experience, and a unique and enriching academic experience. In today’s competitive and global society, it is beneficial for students to take the opportunity and further their studies by going abroad.”


Antonette’s experience was also very beneficial.“There were 210 exchange students from 29 different countries, so on top of learning and adjusting to the Chinese culture in Hong Kong, I got a chance to learn a little bit of everything from all of the other cultures. I actually made a really good friend, Michaela from Australia, and we stay in contact with plans to see her in the near future. All in all, it was an amazing experience that I wouldn't trade for anything in the world!”



MIS student Peter Ramacher is studying this academic year at the University of Strasbourg. Over winter break, he traveled to Denmark and Austria and he sent photos of his experience.


(left)The Denmark stock exchange used to be housed in this building, called the Børsen. (Right) Peter is standing in Christiansborg Square, a symbol of the Demark monarchy.

If you are interested in the education abroad program, please contact Dr. Chambers at He is already looking at placing students two years down the road due to the high student interest in studying overseas.

Updated: 12/01/2017 11:00PM