Education Abroad Gives Student Chance to Travel and Learn About Cultures

Back in September, we published a narrative from BGSU business student, Peter Ramacher, who is spending the current academic year at the University of Strasbourg in France.  He is earning a dual undergraduate business degree at Strasbourg as well as at BGSU.  Peter’s education has gone beyond the classroom as he learns about other cultures from traveling around neighboring countries.  Here is part II of his narrative.

Written by Peter Ramacher, Class of 2015 
MIS specialization

It has been just over 3 months now that I have been abroad in Strasbourg, France. The time has traveled by quickly, as I am constantly meeting different students from across the globe, experiencing different aspects of the French culture as well as other European cultures, and, of course, completing my course work! Reflecting back on these past 3 months, choosing to study at the University of Strasbourg was not a decision to experience the French culture, but a decision to experience the cultures of Europe and of the rest of the world.

Thus far, my experience has afforded me connections with students from all over the world that will be vital in a career in business at the international level.

Obtaining these valuable connections has been a fun part of my study abroad experience. Making these connections consists of taking day trips to cities such as Heidelberg, Germany and Colmar, France; mountain biking in the Vosges mountains, and traveling to Innsbruck, Austria. As you can see, intertwined with my work has been a good deal of play, but, importantly, this play functions to expand my career horizons.

You may be thinking now that I have traveled quite a bit, and may thus be wondering: Is there anything to do in Strasbourg? Well, I'm glad that this question was on your mind! Of course there are things to do in Strasbourg, and one of the most popular of these "things" is occurring as you read this. This "thing" is the Strasbourg Christmas Market, known as Christkindelsmarik to the locals.

The market sets the mood for Christmas, as it encompasses much of the city, running through alleyways and overtaking city plazas with its timbered shops, numerous lights, and the smell of hot cider and wine. You can find authentic Alsacien products, such as wooden toys and Foie de Gras, made by craftsmen and culinarians of the region, at shops throughout the Christmas market. Overall, the market is a great place to go to absorb some true Christmas cheer and to find beautiful trinkets as well as great tasting local cuisine.

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Updated: 02/23/2018 09:32AM