Community Shares FAQs

Community Shares is a federation of nonprofit agencies throughout Northwest Ohio who have joined together to run workplace giving campaigns. Our goal is to provide increased unrestricted funding and community exposure for local non-profit agencies.

Community Shares lists all of its member agencies on all of its campaign pledge forms. This ensures that all of our nonprofit member agencies have equal representations in workplace giving campaigns. Donors are able to select the particular agency or issue that would like to donate to. Community Shares is the only federation in northwest Ohio who represents organizations that focus on animals, the arts and advocacy.

Community Shares believes that our member agencies can best determine how to use contributions to fulfill their mission. Therefore, all money donated through Community Shares is unrestricted.

Community Shares is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors that consists of community members and representatives from its member agencies. Community Shares also holds quarterly membership meetings that include representatives from all 23 of our member agencies. This system allows member agencies to actively participate in decisions that affect Community Shares.

Yes. Community Shares is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) eligible to receive tax-deductible gifts. Please make a copy of your pledge card as a record of your donation.

The nonprofits that are involved with Community Shares make our community a more healthy, equitable and harmonious place. The well-established member organizations provide services and programs that address issues in four categories: health and human services, education and the arts, animal rights and the environment and social justice and peace.

You can get in Community Shares in several ways. You can donate to one of our member agencies, refer a nonprofit organization for membership, or volunteer your time. Please contact the office at 419-243-6637 for more information.