Street Smart Truck Essentials - 3-Day Class

October 19 - 21, 2020
8:00 am–5:00 pm

This 3-day intense hands-on class will cover the essential truck company functions based on highly effective street proven tactics and techniques. Working as a team, or as an individual, safety and efficiency in truck work will be stressed.  Using acquired structures, you will have a chance to learn and practice skills such as search and rescue, VES, ventilation, forcible entry, interior truck operations, ground ladder work, and RIT operations.  This is not a review of the book basics, but a down and dirty hands-on approach to enhancing your skills and techniques. Your department does not need a dedicated ladder company to provide vital and demanding fire ground tasks.  In this class you will gain hands on experience using practice skills real structures.

Special Requirements
You must bring full NFPA approved protective turn-out gear with SCBA and two tanks. Instructors will inspect gear and reserve the right to reject any found to be unacceptable. Also bring a flashlight and a 20-foot piece of webbing.

Lead Instructors
JJ Cassetta, Lt., Orlando FD
Mike Ciampo, Lt., FDNY


Fire Force simulator.jpg