Heavy Rescue – 4-Day Class

May 15-18, 2023
8:00 am–5:00 pm

For rescuers who want to take their rescue skills to the next level.

The first day of this class will be spent reviewing extrication principles, new vehicle technology, and commercial vehicle/bus familiarization. Days two, three, and four will be held at a commercial vehicle/ heavy equipment facility. You will be challenged to work individually and in teams to respond to increasingly complex rescue scenarios. These scenarios may include; car/truck under ride, partially submerged vehicles, commercial truck, school bus, basic rope haul systems, heavy lifting, and torch use.  Safety will be stressed at all times.

Special Requirements
You must be in good physical condition and bring full turn out gear, including safety glasses and hearing protection. No SCBA is required. For students who wish to participate in the water scenario: you will be in waist deep water for the submerged vehicle scenario on one of the training days and a cold water exposure suit is required. You are responsible for your own transportation to the training site and for your lunch each day. Class is conducted in Bowling Green, Ohio on Monday and in Sylvania, Ohio, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Lead Instructor
J.D. Vasbinder, Lt., Columbus Fire Dept.


What our students say about this class.

“Being able to train with things we rarely see. The car in the water scenario and cutting on large trucks was a first for me. It’s a great opportunity to learn and the instructor cadre was the best I have ever encountered.”


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