Please refer to these University policies to insure that your proposal and work complies with our standard regulations.

  • Conflict of Interest Policy
    BGSU encourages its faculty and staff to contribute to technology transfer and interactions with external entities. At the same time, the university and its employees are committed to conducting themselves and university activities in accordance with the highest standards of integrity and ethics. This policy aims to insure that all potential conflicts of interest are disclosed, reviewed, and managed appropriately.
  • Research Faculty Administrator Research Stipend
    Research active faculty members are encouraged to take on the roles of chair or director, and even assistant or associate dean. Most of these positions may not provide the flexibility to allow time for research activity. This policy provides guidance for research-active faculty in administrative leadership roles.
  • Research Misconduct Policy
    This policy is set forth to affirm and communicate the principles and values of the freedom and openness of inquiry, academic honesty, and integrity in scholarship and research, and to establish responsibilities to identify, report and handle allegations of misconduct in research.
  • Frequently Asked Questions about BGSU Research Policies 
    This FAQ addresses policies governing conflict of interest and commitment, intellectual property, and commercialization of BGSU products.
  • FMS Grants Principal Investigator Training
    This is a link to training required for BGSU faculty and staff using the Grants Module of the university's financial system.