Learn to manage stress, improve mood with new employee resource

Stress - whether from work, home, caring for children or aging parents, health concerns or any number of other factors - is a hidden threat to our well-being and our productivity. It can also lead to depression, especially when it is accompanied by feelings of helplessness.

A new, no-cost benefit is available to help BGSU employees and their families recognize stress and depression and take active steps to feel better.

Provided by BGSU's IMPACT Employee Assistance and Work/Life Program, the Stress Less Center features a variety of options, from online training to free, confidential face-to-face counseling services and round-the-clock professional support.

Visit the IMPACT Solutions Work/Life Website to access a wide range of articles, resources and interactive features. The member login is BGSU.

On the site are assessment tools to evaluate your mental health risk and determine whether you have depression.

Further help is found in MoodGym, an interactive web program designed to help fight depression. MoodGym consists of five modules (Feelings, Thoughts, Unwrapping, De-stress and Relationships), that include interactive games, anxiety and depression assessments, a downloadable relaxation audio, a workbook and feedback assessment.

The Relaxation Tools site can be used to calm the mind and body anytime stress or anxiety is present as well as to create a protective state against them. Guided relaxations, including progressive muscle relaxation and visual imagery, can be played at work or home whenever needed.

And although we can never eliminate stress, developing resiliency to it can make an enormous difference in how we react. Fortunately, resiliency skills can be learned. Part of the Stress Less program is the Resiliency Skills Training Series, a 14-part series consisting of 15-minute modules. The first is "Mental Resilience: Bounce Back Faster". Watch for a new training module each month.

In addition, BGSU employees can call IMPACT Solutions anytime at 800-227-6007. A mental health professional is available to provide immediate, confidential support, problem-solving, assessment and identification of resources that can include free, face-to-face counseling.

Updated: 12/02/2017 12:35AM