Class of 2020: Madison Stump

High notes of distinction

Incoming BGSU freshman excels in music and in the classroom

By Bob Cunningham

Madison Stump was in fifth grade when she tried out instruments at her grade school.

She settled on the clarinet because “it was the only one I could make a sound on.” 

Now, Stump is an incoming freshman in BGSU’s Class of 2020 who will major in music. She is recipient of an Award of High Distinction, a renewable, full-tuition scholarship from the Honors College, thanks in part to her 4.34 grade point average at Walled Lake Central High School in Commerce Township, Mich.  

Stump, who solely plays the clarinet, said music is in her blood, and she will follow in the footsteps of her grandparents, Gordon and Cherie Stump, Falcon Flames who graduated in 1968.

“My grandma was a music education major and my grandpa was a trumpet performance major, and he went on to play Motown and in the theaters in downtown Detroit,” Stump said.  

That isn’t her only connection to Bowling Green State University.

Stump played for two years in the Detroit Symphony Orchestra Civic Youth Ensemble and all of her mentors and instructors were affiliated with BGSU.

“That’s what got me first interested in a campus visit, but once I visited the campus and met with some of the faculty and students, I really felt at home and knew BGSU was the right place for me,” she said. 

Stump said she is excited to be able to play music at BGSU and grow as person. 

“It’s going to be a change but I’m looking forward to obtaining my independence and being able to further my music education and potentially being able to have a career as a musician,” she said. “Being a full-time musician is a lot of hard work, but it’s definitely cool to see how far I can go because music is not necessarily the easiest field to go into. Knowing that there are people who make it provides inspiration and motivation that’s going to help me in the future.”

Stump, a member of the National Honor Society, keeps busy in the community as well — something she can see herself doing in Bowling Green.

“I’ve done a lot of volunteering in my home community with the Lakes Area Rotary Club, at elementary and middle schools, the Friendship Circle and Special Olympics.”

Besides music, Stump enjoys classes that are science related. She also is a longtime practitioner of karate.

“I’m into martial arts,” she said. “I’m actually in the middle of testing for my second-degree black belt, so I’m going to continue training in karate at Bowling Green.” 

This multitalented freshman has put herself in a position to make an impact at BGSU.