Decennial Census

  • FP-18-26
    Young Adults Living Alone, with Siblings, or with Roommates
  • FP-18-19
    Homogamy in U.S. Marriages, 2016
  • FP-18-17
    Marriage: More than a Century of Change, 1900-2016
  • FP-18-16
    Change in the U.S. Remarriage Rate, 2008 and 2016
  • FP-14-02
    Healthy Marriage Initiative Spending and U.S. Marriage & Divorce Rates, a State-level Analysis
  • FP-13-13
    Marriage: More than a Century of Change
  • FP-13-11
    Marriage Rate in the U.S., 2011
  • FP-10-08
    Same-Sex Couple Households in the U.S., 2009