Areas of study


The College of Musical Arts offers a master’s degree in music composition. Admission is by audition. Majors receive a weekly private lesson and attend a bi-weekly seminar. Works are regularly performed in Student Composers’ Forums. Numerous guest artists visit the campus and present lectures and give private lessons.

Music Education

Music Education features four specializations:

  • Comprehensive Music Education (Plan I and II)
  • Choral Music Education
  • Instrumental Music Education
  • Teaching Artistry

Music History

The Master of Music in Music History allows students to pursue detailed work in music history and prepares them for further work in musicology. The program includes courses in specially designed topical seminars. These experiences are reinforced by participation in the departmental ensembles: the Afro-Caribbean Ensemble, the Balinese Gamelan, the Early Music Ensemble and the New Music Ensemble.


The Master of Music in Ethnomusicology is a 32-credit-hour program that includes seminars in ethnomusicology, music history and disciplines related to the field such as popular culture, ethnic studies and women’s studies. Students study history and literature of ethnomusicology and the music cultures of the Africa and the African diaspora, the Middle East, Central Asia, and global popular cultures while also receiving training in field methodology and various other special topics. The degree offers performance opportunities in Balinese Gamelan, Afro-Caribbean, and other ensembles. The program culminates in a final project or thesis and prepares students for further work in ethnomusicology.

Music Theory

*Please note: admission to the M.M. Music Theory program is suspended until further notice

The Master of Music in Music Theory degree totals 32 semester hours and normally takes two years to complete. Included are seminars in research techniques, structural analysis, style analysis and 20-century analysis. Electives and independent studies allow students to pursue subjects of special interest to them. Oral examinations in aural skills, bibliography and analysis are taken in residence. Study culminates in a final project or thesis.


Performance majors may select from the following. Considerable flexibility is permitted within an individual program to meet the special needs of students.

  • Choral Conducting
  • Instrumental Performance
  • Instrumental Specialist in Strings, Woodwinds and Brass
    The instrumental specialization option consists of a concentration in a major instrument and at least two minor instruments within the brass, strings and woodwind areas.
  • Jazz
    The Master of Music in Jazz Studies' core curriculum is augmented by opportunities to perform that prepare the advanced jazz student to enter the professional arena as a player and educator. The graduate student assumes a leadership role in the community and is given the opportunity to coach small ensembles as well as teach certain undergraduate classes. This experience enables the graduate student to mentor at the same time they are being mentored.
  • Orchestral Conducting
  • Piano
    • Master of Music in Performance-Piano Performance
    • Master of Music in Piano Pedagogy
    • Master of Music in Collaborative Piano
    The Master of Music in Piano program gives students professional training, through a comprehensive well-designed curriculum, an emphasis on performing as a soloist, chamber musician and collaborative pianist, and many opportunities to hone their teaching skills in studying piano pedagogy.
  • Voice
    Master of Music in Performance - Voice
    Master of Music in Vocal Pedagogy
    The Master of Music in Voice program offers intensive advanced studies in technique, style, repertoire, stage work, and pedagogy, preparing graduate students for professional auditions, young artist programs, concert, recital, and stage work, and academic careers. The Master of Music in Vocal Pedagogy offers comprehensive study of the structure, function, pathology and culture of the vocal instrument, along with a strong knowledge base in voice science and research.

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