Field Programs

Cooperative Relationships with Area Schools

During the past quarter century the Department of Music Education has established a number of cooperative working arrangements with area public and private schools. These programs are unique in that they provide faculty with opportunities to conduct research and to maintain contact with school-age students in music settings. Undergraduate music education majors participate in early, practical teaching experiences in these schools under the direct guidance of members of the department, while graduate students may become involved in collaborative research projects. In addition, the department of music education maintains vibrant relationships with many area public school programs and routinely offers opportunities for students to be actively involved in area music programs.

Cooperative Schools Band Program

The Cooperative Schools Band Program is an educational partnership with St. Aloysius and St. Patrick of Heatherdowns schools. These schools provide a setting for instrumental music education majors to interact with students and develop teaching skills under the supervision of graduate assistants and faculty.

Music Plus

Music Plus is an enhancement program for central-city students (grades 7-12) from Toledo Public Schools and is under the direction of Dr. Elizabeth Menard. Students are brought to campus on Wednesday evenings for private lessons, keyboard class and creativity classes. Volunteer teaching staff for the program includes undergraduate and graduate music students. Many Music Plus students attend college or another form of continuing education after high school education.

PATHE Program

PATHE Program (Positive Approach to Handling Emotions) allows opportunities for undergraduate and graduate music education majors to teach individual violin and cello lessons and elementary general music classes to students enrolled in a special school for K-12 students with social, emotional and/or behavioral difficulties.