Lisa Martin


  • Position: Associate Professor (music education)
  • Phone: 419-372-2095
  • Email:
  • Address: 2159 Moore Musical Arts Center

Lisa Martin currently serves as Associate Professor of Music Education at Bowling Green State University, where she teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in music education. She holds a bachelors degree in music education from the University of Illinois, and she earned both MME and Ph.D degrees from the University of Colorado Boulder. Prior to her appointment at BGSU, she served as a graduate instructor at the University of Colorado. She also spent nine years teaching band and orchestra in Illinois and Colorado, specializing in instruction at the middle school level. In addition to her teaching responsibilities at BGSU, she coordinates the Music Plus outreach program with Toledo Public Schools, facilitates the Musicianship and Advanced Pedagogy program within the music education department, and runs the Middle and High School Academy Band outreach program, serving young musicians throughout northwest Ohio. 

Dr. Martin’s research interests include assessment practices in music education, music teacher evaluation, and the effect of school choice on music education. She is also interested in health and wellness among music teachers, and she is certified in Mindfulness-Based Wellness and Pedagogy for music educators. She has presented locally, nationally, and internationally, publishing her work in the Journal of Music Teacher Education, Bulletin of the Council for Research in Music EducationJournal of Historical Research in Music Education, and Music Educators Journal. In addition, she has written for The Instrumentalist and School Band and Orchestra Magazine. Dr. Martin is a member of the Instrumental Music Teacher Educators steering committee, and she currently enjoys serving on the editorial committee for Music Educators Journal. 

Recent Research Examples: 

Martin, L. (2021). Reconceptualizing classroom management in the ensemble: Considering
culture,communication, and community. Music Educators Journal, 107(4), 21-27. 

Martin, L. (2020). Synchronous formative feedback: Facilitating growth among developing musicians Music Educators Journal, 107(2), 51-57.

Martin, L. (2018). A case study of a non-credentialed, second-career music educator. Journal of Music Teacher Education, 28(1), 83-101. 

Martin, L. (2018). Music education in the era of school choice. Music Educators Journal, 105(1), 39-45. 

Martin, L. (2016). Doctoral students in music education: Occupational identity, career intent, and efficacy for teaching in higher education. Journal of Music Teacher Education, 26(1), 13-27.

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